POP!… FIZZzzz… glub glub glub.

Here, have a glass of bubbly.  It’s one of my favs–imported from South Africa.

Listen, so much of my story is still being written, and it all adds up to one a big, kind of weird, adventure. I’ve experienced many iterations and I’m still morphing.

I’m a wife of a brilliant, hard-working man and a mother of two fantastic little rascals. I live in Delaware–a place that, apparently some don’t even realize is a state, but is the best place in the USA to register a business.  It’s my lair, really, a best-kept secret. I made it here by way of Augusta, GA (Fort Gordon Army Base) where I was born, southeastern Virginia where I was raised, and Philadelphia, PA where I pretty much came into my own.

As a teenager, I probably needed therapy (most of you do, too–don’t judge me).  But my family wasn’t into that sort of thing, and they couldn’t afford it.  So I prayed… a lot… and I kept a journal.  Regular prayer taught me spiritual discipline and eventually evolved into a life-changing habit of meditation.  Writing became my most effective tool for gaining self-awareness and the hindsight I needed to understand my own thoughts and behavior.  The current result is an exciting writing career that allows me to explore love, art, adventure, humor, sexuality, spirituality, mysterious phenomena, and more. This journey allows me to examine life, to cope, to grow, and to share in this process of metamorphosis with others.

In March 2016, I released my debut novel- Pretty Little Mess: A Jane Luck Adventure- under my imprint, OmniMind Media. It is the first in the Jane Luck Adventures Series which will chronicle a young woman’s daredevil journey from a mentality of victimhood to one of empowerment, from fear to confidence. It will showcase her delights and mishaps as she grows into an understanding of who she is and what her place in the world should be.



For now, that’s my story. Thanks for stopping by my place. Hope you’re enjoying the bubbly. There’s a blog around here somewhere, so feel free to get comfy. Keep in touch and let’s unpack some of the mysteries of love and life!