About This Polyamory Thing: Part 2

The definition that I’ve chosen for today’s lesson in Poly fundamentals is


Compersion: considered by many to be the opposite of jealousy (or  an effective tool for coping with jealousy); a form of empathy wherein a person believes that their lover is a complex human being with multifaceted characteristics, interests, and needs that no one should seek to own, police or suppress…when one accepts the possibility that it may be quite unrealistic to expect one person to be another person’s all-in-all for life…when one accepts that their partner’s (and their own) needs and desires may sometimes be met by someone else…when someone agrees to throw off the ingrained individualism and the “us-against-the-world”  illusions that permeate our understanding of relationships in favor of a more community-positive viewpoint…when a person can be happy that their partner is experiencing happiness and/or becoming a better person as a result of a relationship or interaction with someone else.




Polyamory is not relationship utopia. It is just another way to love, and it comes with its own set of challenges and opportunities for growth-including growing in the ability to be empathetic toward a lover. I have seen no better an illustration of this fact than in the new YouTube series, Compersion, by Enchant TV. In season 1 of this show, you’ll get to see a realistic depiction of the challenges that regular people face on the journey to compersion. It doesn’t come easily! But then again, things worth having rarely do.

Enjoy season 1 and help us launch season 2!

GO! bit.ly/Compersion2


“The Enchant TV Indiegogo Crowdfunding Campaign is raising funds to complete another dynamic season of the provocative drama, Compersion. Compersion follows one couple’s journey from monogamy to polyamory, and takes an intimate look on how we see and value romantic partnerships. With an already successful Season 1, this inclusive-diverse production helmed by writer, director, and producer Jackie Stone is seeking funds to make another dynamic Season. Check out the first season of Compersion for free on YouTube at the link below.”

Facebook: facebook.com/enchanttv

Twitter: twitter.com/TheEnchantTV

Instagram: instagram.com/theenchanttv


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