Love is a Hormone Martini

I hate to break it to you, but, more than you may realize,  your feelings and actions are being dictated by a brilliantly-designed machine. That machine produces and responds to stimuli at amazing rates and may sometimes even seem to trap you in a never-ending cycle of biological cause and effect.  That machine is your brain, and here’s why it makes breaking up so hard to do.

Love is a drug. That’s right. They said Love is a drug, and they are correct. Love is physically and mentally addictive. It literally triggers the same addiction centers and produces some of the same responses in the brain as heroin. So that’s why the breakup feels like withdrawal–because it is. Chemicals are at the center of it all. Isn’t the mind-body connection amazing?

GOIN INDIE! My first self-published novel

It’s been a whirlwind six months since the initial release of my debut novel (Pretty Little Mess: A Jane Luck Adventure) in eBook format. Since then I’ve added about 10 new chapters, several new supporting characters, developed the story for added depth and realism, and prepared to release the new edition in eBook and Print formats. The decision to produce a second edition so quickly seemed strange to me at first, but became a no-brainer when I considered the rewards:   1. a better story upon which to build The Jane Luck Adventures series;   2. better relationships with readers;  3. more control with the decision to go independent.

Not to mention the fact that the new editions are being released under MY NEW IMPRINT: OmniMind Media!!!!  How exciting is that?

I’ve gone Indie, ya’ll, and it’s definitely been an adventure. It’s a lot more work, but I’m now much more knowledgeable and in control of my own destiny as an author. That way seems to work best for me, at least for now,  and I’m looking forward to great things. Hang with me and find out what’s coming next.

Live long and evolve!