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Okay peeps, we’re elated to inform you that the official release date for Pretty Little Mess: A Jane Luck Adventure is September 1, 2015! So get your mobile life and Pre-order NOW—it’s an e-book—and get ready for an amazing labor day weekend. This will be the perfect poolside, La-Z-boy, or oceanfront read.

Now, to some people the main character, Jane, may seem like a bit of an eccentric. She’s kind of weird, an odd duck, shall we say. So, I thought it might be a good idea to give you a little introduction so you know how to handle her when she comes stumbling off the pages. I’ve prepared some insightful questions, and I think this interview will be a delight for everyone. So, here she is. Reading Family, Jane. Jane, the Fam. Thanks for joining us!

Jane: Boy that was some intro!

AE: No need to thank me.  It’s what we do!

Jane: I meant the description—eccentric, weird, really?

AE: We talked about this, remember? We’re creating interest. It’s a hook, something about you that makes people want to know more.

Jane: I don’t think I’m weird… not that weird.

AE: Weirdos never do. Anyway, go on and tell us about yourself, why do you want to share your story with us?

Jane: Well, first of all, I never really wanted to “share my story”, as you say.

AE: Really?

Jane: No. All this stuff was in my journal, and somebody thought it would be a good idea to try to make some money off my hassle of a life.

AE: Mmm.

Jane: I was really just minding my business, trying to finish school.

AE: Architecture school.

Jane: Yes.

AE: That was quite a challenge.

Jane: Quite.

AE: Now, at the time, you were also dating several, very questionable men.

Jane: Boy, you make that sound kinda sleezy. It wasn’t quite like that.

AE: It appears that one of them was married.

Jane: I didn’t find that out until two years after we broke up.

AE: One was gay?

Jane: We weren’t really “dating”.

AE: There was a drug addict.

Jane: Now, wait a minute, he was NEVER a boyfriend. I—

AE: A pastor who offered to give you the first Lady’s tennis bracelet.

Jane: I never dated that man! He was a total perv.

AE: There was also a drug dealer. And, as I understand it, you really never wanted to break that one off.  He was the one who walked out.

Jane: Okay, you know what—

AE: And then there was the man who kidnapped and tried to kill you!   A man you stole over $11,000 from?

Jane: It was only like, $6000—wait (counts on fingers).

AE: He was your first in bed. He was some kind of gangster, loan shark guy from Chicago?

Jane: … I’m not gonna do this. I thought you wanted to know more of my complete story. I don’t think this interview is a good idea.

AE: Well, hold on Jane. I certainly didn’t mean any harm. I’m sorry if I seem harsh. It’s just that all of this was already shared so freely in the book.

Jane: Yes, shared in a thoughtful and empathic manner.

AE: Look, I don’t intend to make light of your story. I promise to be sensitive in our exchange a-and to ensure that you are represented in the most respectful manner.

Jane: I need a moment.

AE: S-Sure. No problem. We’ll be right back with this provocative yet deferential first look at Pretty Little Mess: A Jane Luck Adventure with none other than the heroine herself, Ms. Jane Luck!


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